Officers & Directors



An elected board of directors oversees all phases of ARCS Foundation Pittsburgh. At board meetings, the work and progress of the committees are discussed. Officers of the Pittsburgh Board include president (or co-presidents), vice president, secretary, director of finance, treasurer, and in some years, immediate past president or president-elect.

Committees include Communications, Finance, Fund Development and Donor Relations, Membership, Nominating, Program, Planning, Scholar Relations, and University Relations. In addition, a non-Board member who plays a key leadership role is the chair of our Scholar Celebration in the spring. Our Donor Appreciation Reception, held in the fall, is hosted by our unniversity partners.

The fiscal year is July 1 –June 30, with the annual meeting held each May. The year’s largest event is the Scholar Celebration in the Spring, when the scholars present information about their work in highly interactive formats.

Officers and Board of Directors - July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021

President Linda Burke
Secretary Annie Rivers
Treasurer Linda Thier
Assistant Treasurers Anne Crawford and JoAnn Patross
Co-Communications Clara Bahan and Millie Myers
Endowed Awards Jeanne Berdik
Fund Development Missy Unkovic
Co-Membership Brigitte Bouchat and Marilyn Bruschi
Nominating Maria Townsend
Planning  Carol Stockman
Co-Programs Vicky Guscoff and Anoo Verghis

Co-University Relations

Lacey Carroll and Merrilee Salmon

Co-Scholar Relations

Phyllis Coontz and Michelle Zorrilla



Past Co-Presidents Beverlynn Elliot and Jennifer Martin