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ARCS Pittsburgh Virtual Earth Day Presentation

Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2021

We hope you were able to join for our virtual Earth Day Presentation on April 22nd.

If you missed the presentation, below is information about the presentation, with links to materials and websites of interest, as well as the video of the presentation itself.  It was very informative and is worth a watch.

You are what you eat, drink, and breathe—Microplastics!

Materials and Links from the ARCS Earth Day Presentation on 4-22-2021

Presentation Video Link HERE

Powerpoint Presentation (Coming soon)

Introduction of Speaker, Faran Friedman Savitz: Faran hails from Greenwich, Connecticut and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He majored in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, with a concentration in Public Policy and Governance. For the past 5 years he has worked and volunteered in many environmental-related fields and is currently a Conservation Associate for the Advocacy Non-Profit organization, PennEnvironment. This is part of a 25-year-old national network of more than 170 researchers, advocates, attorneys, and communications experts. The national litigation team has filed dozens of lawsuits to compel polluters to stop or reduce their emissions — resulting in more than $250 million in court-ordered penalties and pollution reduction actions. Faran’s current responsibilities include working on conservation, clean water and zero waste campaigns, with a primary focus on fighting plastic pollution. He has published reports of studies and testing of Pennsylvania waterways, and helped draft and pass regulations and ordinances to combat plastic pollution.

  • Harmful Plastics Found In Pittsburgh's Three Rivers, Other Waterways Researchers recently tested 53 waterways in Pennsylvania and found microplastics in all of them, including Pittsburgh’s three rivers, as well as several smaller bodies of water within our region. Learn more about the study HERE.
  • Plastic Is Falling From The Sky. But Where Is It Falling From? Plastic is falling from the sky. Where it’s coming from will surprise you. At any given time, 1,100 tons of microplastic are floating over the western US. New modeling shows the surprising sources of the nefarious pollutant. Read the WIRED article HERE.

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