Named Award Donors 2020-2021

Many individual ARCS members, foundations, and corporations contributed full or partial funding to sponsor a three-year $15,000 Named Award for a scholar.
Thank you to our Named Award Donors. 

Susan and Roy Dorrance
Sheila and Milton* Fine through the Fine Foundation
Jewish Healthcare Foundation
The Leonard B. and Helen P. McCully Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation

Linda B. Burke and Timothy Burke, Jr.*
Beverlynn and Steven Elliott
Ann Fromm and Bill Payne
Dona and Thomas Hotopp
Rebecca and Tom McGough
Arlene Sokolow
Judith Thomas
Missy and John Unkovic
Audrey Zelkovic, M.D

Charlotte and Henry Beukema
Marilyn and Howard Bruschi
Leslie Dunn
Carol and Richard Heppner, M.D.
Natalie and William Hoffman, M.D.
Magda Loeber
Jennifer and James Martin
Pamela Meadowcroft, Ph.D.
Margaret and William Mooney
Margaret Ragni, M.D.
Carol Stockman, Ph.D. and Paul Stockman
Thea and Richard Stover
Kathleen M. and Louis Testoni
Linda and Jay Thier
Maria and Ed Townsend, Ph.D.s
Janet Wagner
Beth Wainwright
Janet and Ed Wood


Carol and Richard Heppner, Linda and Jay Thier with their scholar, Amber Horvath
Angie Hinchie with Named Award Donor Bev Elliott
Russ Kemerer and Beth Wainwright with Lisa Hong